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  • What is the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)?
    The NDIS is a government initiative in Australia that provides support and funding for people with permanent and significant disabilities. It aims to improve their independence, participation, and overall quality of life.
  • How do I become a participant in the NDIS?
    To become an NDIS participant, individuals need to meet certain eligibility criteria. They typically go through an application and assessment process to determine their needs and the support required.
  • What services does your NDIS provider offer?
    Community participation, Supported independent living (SIL), short-term accommodation (Respite), Medium-term accommodation (MTA), In-Home support and Transportation.
  • How can I check if I am eligible for NDIS support?
    Eligibility for NDIS support is based on having a permanent and significant disability that affects daily life. The NDIS website or contacting the agency directly can provide information on eligibility criteria.
  • What is the process for NDIS planning and assessment?
    Participants undergo a planning and assessment process where their needs, goals, and required supports are identified. This forms the basis of their NDIS plan, outlining the services and funding they will receive.
  • How do I choose Nourish Care Services as my NDIS provider?
    Direct contact Nourish Care Services
  • What is the difference between NDIS self-management and plan management?
    NDIS participants can choose how they manage their funds. Self management involves handling funds directly, while plan management involves a third party managing the funds on behalf of the participant.
  • How can I contact Nourish Care Services for support or inquiries?
    Address: Brooklyn Park 5032 South Australia Phone: +61 420 641 305 Email:
Nourish Care Services
Nourish Care Services

At Nourish Care Services, we believe in the transformative power of care, cultivating a legacy of well-nurtured lives and fostering a community where each person's journey is marked by dignity, respect, and boundless opportunity.

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